So, why is this blog here?

The “Go There Come Back” crew – also known by several other names that are not really conducive to family viewing – is basically a bunch of (almost) old farts that get together on an irregular basis to travel around southern Africa. One day, when we “becomes growed ups”, we will venture further north but for now there is just so much to see locally that we have only explored South Africa and its neighboring states. The group changes in numbers and attendees based on who can and can’t make the trip and the basic tenet is to “go there and come back and have a damn good time doing it!”

It also means we sometimes get lost and travel in meandering circles but, hey, that’s part of the journey and the enjoyment is as much in the trip as it is in the destination. And it has nothing to do with the navigator’s alcohol consumption…

We are not 4×4 fanatics but we like to go off the beaten track. We are not nature fanatics but we are enthusiasts who enjoy nature and its boundless variety (except Sharpie who only likes goats but thats a story for another day…). We love our wives, girlfriends and partners but we don’t take them with for political reasons (i.e. we don’t do politics and they don’t do long boring trips in cars).

So, the main reason for setting this blog up is to document our next trip. Hopefully 3G and internet coverage is wide enough that we can update on a fairly regular basis so that our wenches – sorry, beloved ones – will be able to see what, where and when we are.

In mid July 2012 we are setting out from KZN, heading north up through South Africa to Beit Bridge where we will cross over into Zimbabwe. The main highlights of the journey are Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe, South Luangwa National Park in Zambia and southern stretches of Lake Malawi before running for home.  Total journey time is three and a half weeks and this will be our furthest trip north to date.

So, over the next couple of weeks I will keep up to date with the planning in case anyone can glean something of value off this babbling.

Eye say cheers!!!


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