Finding the Orange

Opening vistas

There’s something about the open road sweeping through the valleys, cutting through the landscape, curving around the kopjies and vanishing into the distance that draws the wandering soul into its song.

The heart of the traveler cannot resist the temptation to explore the new, to leave the beaten path and rise to the challenge of the yet unexplored.

One of our previous trips was to the Richtersveld region in the north west of South Africa. This short story in pictures tells the tale of the journey off the main road, through Pella and the range it nestles in, to the Orange river.

You can click on the pictures to see a larger version.

Turning off the beaten track

Seeing the challenge…

Approaching the challenge…

Lining up to take the gap

Now we’re having fun !

First glimpse of the Orange River

A river runs through it

No second invitation required!

The setting sun fires up the landscape

Another day done and a fresh one coming…


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