Where on earth are we?

Lost and confused?

Just a quick post for those taking an interest in my ramblings (both verbal and geographical).

I have added a google map of the trip so far as I am sure the vast majority of non South Africans have little idea of where I am talking about (thanks, copyright, blah blah, etc.). This map covers the first five days from Ballito to Vioolsdrif where we crossed over into Namibia – you can click on it to get a bigger view.

I will probably do another map to cover the rest of the trip in greater detail so that you can orientate yourselves as we proceed. Let me know if there are any details or matters of interest you would like to know more of.

So, buckle up, grab your paddles and hang on for dear life as the next three days will be very wet – internally and externally – as we negotiate the wild, death defying, mountainous rapids of the evil Orange!!!

Actually, when you get out paddled by a school group not even into their teens you begin to realise that its all rather tame … and often quite hard work!


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