ZimZam here we come!

So, after months of planning, here we are.

Kickoff is in 4 hours time, bags are packed, the vehicles are packed, stress levels are maxed out and and the nerves are frayed… apparently we are doing this because we want to! We are due to leave at 3am tomorrow morning so all is set and ready at this point.  If anyone has forgotten anything at this point, as they say in Russia : “Toughski shitski”

The first day is going to be a long one where we push all the way up to just short of the Zimbabwe border (see here for a map – https://gtcb.wordpress.com/documents/route-and-schedule/). We will be over-nighting at Tshipise, a hot springs resort where we will be soaking the outside of our bodies while we warm up the insides with a bit of liquid lubrication.

Right, I’m now off to bed for a quick 3 hours sleep before getting up to pack the last few bits, collect some bodies, head off to the BP garage to meet the other vehicles, fuel up and hit the road…

Eye say cheers!


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