1 Border, 12 Police Stops

Day 2
Distance 664.4 km
Country : South Africa, Zimbabwe (Harare)

After a good nights sleep we woke early, packed and hit the road.


Boabob country!



A long stop for fuel and we headed off to Beit Bridge for the border crossing. The South African side passed fairly quickly, across the bridge and over the bridge into Zimababwe. Some good advice from a returning Zim resident had us utilising the local resources to help us through. An hour and a half later and we were through the final gate.

50m after the exit gate and we hit our first police road block. Checks for drivers licence, fire extinguisher, warning triangles went smoothly since we were prepared KVet lucky to get away with an expired fire extinguisher. A short trip through Beit Bridge town and we onto the open road again. One hour later and we did the traditional stop at the Lion and Elephant hotel at Bube River. Yours truly kissed the ground after 13 years away from his homeland!


We chilled out for an hour while we had breakfast next to the dry river bed. Its difficult to imagine that this river can flood the entire area in the wet season, the last serious flood being in 2000.



The bouganvilla’s are in full flower at the moment with it being the dry season.


Just in case any of you are wondering what Sly Stallone is doing for a living these days, we found his new restaurant along the way…


Although we had to go through a lot of stops, the police were always friendly and mainly asked to see drivers licences, often just waving us through. The one run in we did have was when we were caught doing 81km in a 60km zone which lead to the fine being paid and moving one. Once again the police were fine but it is fair warning that any 60km signs yous see will be followed by a radar gun hidden in the bush somewhere shortly after.

Later that evening we finally arrived at Harare, after dark, but utilising the navigators pin point memory we found our way through the traffic and settled into our B&B for the night. A short trip to a local take-away had us knee deep in pizza chased by a beer or two and we all headed off to bed for an early start the next morning.


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