Doing the Long Pool loop

Day 5
Country : Zimbabwe (Mana Pools)
Distance. : 23km

Right, so this bloody blogging thing is starting to interfere with my damn holiday! I am forced to stay vaguely sober each evening in order to sift through the pictures to add to the blog then try and come up with something interesting to say.

Well, sorry for you. Today you are just getting some pictures and a short bloody blurb from me.

Started with another bloody perfect sunset, went for another bloody walk, then went for a bloody game drive around Long Pool, saw bloody game and birds, came back and had a few few bloody drinks while another bloody perfect sunset happened right before our bloody eyes.

Bloody blurb done!!!

Another bloody perfect sunrise

Future fast food for a raptor

Jackal that Sharpie thought was a hyena. Blood twit.

Board members of the local fishing club

Where the hell are we and whats for supper?

Supper !!!

Waterbuck with horns lying down

Impala with horns standing up

Four men and a bottle

Constipated mammal

Bloody flying birds

Not the blue bird of happiness

Another bloody hard day in Africa

That big orange thing in the sky that people in England never see







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