Walkabout and “Oniongate”

Day 07

Country  : Zimbabwe (Mana Pools)

Distance : 6 km

A relatively quiet day where we took full advantage of our freedom to walk about the park.

The morning walk took us downstream along the river and through to the main camping site. While we did not see too many wild animals we did see the uncommon site of BT actually walking which made the day for certain members.

Early morning coffee

Eastern Nicator

Spot BT walking!

When we got back to camp a hearty (if somewhat unhealthy) breakfast of toasted bacon, cheese and tomato was had (but then we are not on this trip to be healthy!)

A Healthy Breakfast

Our pet bushbuck

Crocs – not the type your wear!

Mana Pools forest

Later in the day we retired to our normal spot under the tree to enjoy a few quiet moments and siesta through the heat of the day. This was rudely shattered by the increasing frenetic banging and crashing of boxes around the campsite. No, it was not the monkeys. It was our very own simian -Sharpie. A few querulous questions from sleepy Crew members got the curt reply from Sharpie – “Where are the onions?”

Eventually he had several helpers that searched through all three vehicles, the trailer, all the containers, the tents and even started chasing monkeys around the camp as he lost it over his lost onions. “I can’t cook supper without the #&@%ing onions!”

World peace was at stake. Various factions formed over who had lost the onions. The first shots were about be be fired and tensions were running high – one crew member even even went so far as to put down his drink!

Suddenly a new commotion erupted to one side of the camp where BT found some monkeys darting out of one of the cars. A few seconds later a chunk of onion fell out of the tree and all eyes focused on the car. Another search still found nothing until – Eureka! – there on the front seat was a plastic packet with a monkey hand sized hole in it and the rest of the onions inside. Three searches of the selfsame vehicle had missed the packet – but not the monkeys!

Getting uglier and more grizzled by the day

After dinner drinks

Supper was good that night.

Even the onions…


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