If its Saturday, it must be Zambia ?!?

Day 11

Country : Zambia (South Luangwa)

Distance : 0km

Our first morning at Wilderness camp on the Luangwa River dawned without any interference from the Motley Crew. After our torturous journey from the day before we had all retired relatively early and agreed that today would be reserved for admin.

Tent with a view

That meant getting Sharpie’s tyre fixed – it had a slow puncture which ‘may’ have been my fault for vaulting minor chasms on the so called road at 60km/hr. The camp workshop had it sorted out in double quick time which helped ease the pain and suffering Sharpie was experiencing seeing his beloved baby standing around on three fat legs and one limp one…

We then spent a couple of hours trying to remove the 3cm of dust coating the inside of the vehicles, repacking various cooler boxes and fridges. The Barefoot Barman took stock, kept us well lubricated and pronounced us able to survive for another 5 days at which point in time we would have to start using petrol/diesel as mixers.

Meanwhile Kwacha Man (the new nickname for our money man, Mark) spent the morning trying valiantly to balance his books. Future requests for money would be followed by the following chorus (sung to the tune of the Village People’s ‘Macho Man’) – “Kwacha kwacha man, gimme money, as fast as you can!’

Personally, I think the only time they are going to balance is when he rests them at the correct angle on the desk…

Checking supplies… no seriously, there is food in there somewhere!

Our home away from home for 4 days…

A view from our “patio”…


Later that afternoon, I set my deckchair out next to a powerpoint under a tree and managed to compile one or two blog days, linked up my cell as a wifi point and uploaded from deepest darkest Africa. I might add that my frustration at the speed and constant resetting of the link had the area around me turning very blue – even the baboons started furtively moving to the far end of the campsite.

Our neighbours – we are not this fat….yet…

Junior pops in for a drink

That was basically it for the day – we enjoyed recharging our batteries and topping up our tanks (hence the expression “tanked up”) before flopping into bed after another Sharpie supper special.

Sundowner time – yippeeeee!!

PS At this point (I am about 10 days behind now) we are about to enter Gonarezhou park where we will not have comms until we leave (probably next Friday) so I will not be able to update until next weekend. So, don’t hold your breathe because you’re not gonna make it!

(Update Aug 11)

PPS You can see from the ‘PS’ above that I was still hopeful of sending the post before the trip down to Gona… ha ha bloody ha! We all know now that that didn’t happen.


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