Play Misty For Me

Day 13

Country : Zambia (Luangwa)

Distance : 56km

Once more the crack of dawn had nothing to worry about from the Motley Crew.

It came, it saw and it conquered.

We slept.

After breakfast we had a short discussion around timings and decided that we would be moving on the next day so another half day in the park was called for.  While we were packing the obligatory coolerbox, we discussed the hippos sharing this part of the river with us (see picture below). The Luangwa River has (on average) 60 hippos per kilometre of river. Anyone who has slept next to a hippo infested river can attest to the amount of noise that they make.

Please note that these are REAL hippos and they are alive and not a bunch of beached whales and they are definitely NOT the Motley Crew, all appearances to the contrary…

This, in turn, lead us on to the amount of noise we generate at night (snoring, burping and general flatulence) and whether we are any serious competition for them. On average, we are not. However, at certain times, certain individuals sure put up a good fight and Sharpie was bringing it to our attention that, from his vantage point, we certainly give them a good go.

It is important to note the sleeping arrangements at this point : Sharpie has a pop tent on top of his trailer and the remaining three of us share a tent (at ground level). Sharpie then took to calling three of us ‘that noisy pod below him’ (for those who don’t know – the collective noun  for hippos is a pod, or a bloat). Once the mutual abuse had finished flowing he had been renamed the iPod – since he slept alone, and the three of us were now known as the Tripod (once we retired to bed).

Suffice to say, the iPod has been heard to out-thunder the Tripod at night…

So off we went to the park where we took lots of pictures of animals and birds and some of ourselves. By early afternoon we had ended up back next to the river and were putting the final nails into a Gin and Tonic coffin (‘Awfully decadent, what, old chap’) when Mark made the following observation…

Mark : “How far are we from the Atlantic Ocean?”

Motley Crew (bemused): “Flippen miles – at least 2000km. Why?”

After a steadfast gaze out to the veld in front of us, he took a long sip from his G&T, turned to face The Crew and said slowly…

“Its getting awfully misty out there…”

At which point we were consumed with great hilarity and the day became even more misty.

A short while later we packed up and headed back to camp and not 100m down the road passed under a tree which was full of Lillian’s Love Birds (see pic in the gallery – its the one with the two birds necking in a tree). This ended off our drive in great fashion and we were happy to retire to camp to prepare for supper and a few sundowners (not in that order, obviously!).




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