At Last! The Motley Crew Rides Again

Contrary to popular opinion, the Motley Crew have not faded away with the passing years. Nor have they been abducted by aliens or devoured by man eating sharks. In fact, rumours of their disintegration are vastly over exaggerated.

[Although, admittedly, there might have been just the teeniest bit of disintegration…]

No. They have been hidden deep in the depths of their favourite beverages, beavering away on planning their next geriatric folly into Africa and finally, after months of frenetic planning, discussion, dissent, more discussion, approval and consensus was finally reached and the next trip has crystallised!

The destination : Botswana – Central and Southern

Game Parks : Central Kalahari, Khutse and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (Botswana side)

A two pronged attack, the Mens trip leaves a week in advance and will race north to Vaalwater before heading west into heart of central Botswana. The Boys trip will punch directly through Gabarone to join up with the Mens team in Khutse. After regrouping for several days of gaming viewing we head south and then further west until we burst through into the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

The final touches are being done as the days to count down has ticked over into single figures at last!

Check out “The Motley Crew” page to see which reprobates have tossed their reputations for a couple of weeks of trekking through Africa this time around.


The cars are prepped, the booze is bought,
We’ve packed our clothes without a thought,
The tents are checked, the trailers hitched,
Batteries charged and tripods fixed,
Bags of sleeping rolled and stuffed,
Camp chairs folded, lenses buffed,
We’ve planned the fuel and checked the load,

Enough of this, lets hit the road!

Screenshot from 2015-08-17 23:41:42