From Porky’s to Rhinos

Day 02

Porky’s Camp (Vaalwater, SA) to Khama Rhino Sanctuary (Serowa, Botswana)

Distance : 353.9 km

Up at 6am and a good hot shower – probably our last one for up to 3 weeks. After packing our bags we repacked the vehicles and shuffled off to breakfast where we were once more treated like kings. After breakfast we had our first “Men’s Team” photo.


Our “Lion Menu” names : Marbled Rump, The Toothpick, Prime Beef, Tough and Seasoned Stewing Steak, Imported Free Range Boeuf


For those that aren’t aware – the “Men” are those that partake in the 3 week trip, the “Boys” are those that do the 2 week trip and, for the first time, we have the “Toddlers”. The “Toddlers” are those that should have made the trip but, through some lack of foresight or other ineptitude, did not make the trip at all. But more of that later.

At 8am we said our last goodbyes to our gracious hosts and hit the road – destination for the day is Khama Rhino Sanctuary near Botswana town of Serowe.


John teaching Dietwin how to operate the GPS … a losing cause!

A couple of hours later we arrived at the South Africa/Botswana border which was fairly quiet. We were through the SA side fairly quickly – all except for Dietwin. He was collared by a SA Tourism Board representative that was conducting surveys of foreign tourists exiting the country. His interview ended up taking longer than the border crossing!

IMG_5223 IMG_5231

Another 20 odd minutes on the Botswana side and we were through and en route to Serowe. All in all, the border crossing was very pleasant and personnel both sides were helpful and efficient – a far cry from our border crossing into Zim 3 years earlier.

In Serowe we stopped at a local mall and began the arduous task of procuring supplies for the next week. The team split into two – half heading to the bottle store and the rest to the supermarket. An hour later we were unpacking and repacking the vehicles to fit the food and drinks in. The first pass at the supermarket butchery did not result in all the meat being up to Sharpie’s standard so we did a drive around the town and ended up… where we started! And bought what ever was available… packed it… and left.


On our drive through Serowe I saw many signs that tickled my fancy – here are a few with my thoughts attached…


“Superior Used Cars” (a) there were none – so this guy is either an excellent salesman, or… (b) the wrecks in the background right are the cars for sale!


“Tonic Tyre Puncture” I’m sure this is meant to read “Tyre Puncture Tonic” – either way, its “simply the best and perfect” as you can see buy all the rims stacked outside…


Obviously this is the solution to the Eskom crisis – the Eskom execs are just not praying hard enough at their Megawatt Park headquarters!

Khama Rhino Sanctury is just a short drive from Serowe and we were pleased to see it looming up on the left. A short sign-in procedure and we were off to our campsite where we set up the tents. An early arrival meant we had enough daylight to settle in without any stress. Dietwin, Mark and I figured how to put up our tent and soon we were all lounging around with a quiet drink in our hands, waiting for the sun to set and the coals to get ready.


Santa on Safari…



Mark pointed out a Crimson Breasted Shrike which I tracked through the bush and managed to get some good pictures of it – the crimson of its breast really stands out nicely in the dry brown of the bush.


Crimson Breasted Shrike settled in for the night


After the sun set we got down to the serious business of braaiing before turning in for the night.



“Its agreed then, if we all stare at the fire the food cooks faster!”


This is not the last time Mr Irony would be looking for the bottom of his glass…


Interesting stats for the day:

Distance 353.9 km
Min Alt 771.020 meters
Max Alt 1262.720 meters
Max Speed 129.8 km/hour
Avg Speed 33.5 km/hour


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