1 Lion and a Goat Herder…

Day 11

Mahurushele Camp to Molosi Pan, Khutse Game Reserve

Distance : 54.7 km

We tried for another early morning but it didn’t quite come off this time. So, when we finally made it to the Molosi waterhole it was already after 8am and the only movement at the waterhole were the various birds either coming down to get a drink… or coming down to get the birds that were coming down to get the drink.

Our hopes of finding the pride of lion gathered around a fresh overnight kill or, even better, stalking their next prey, were dashed on arrival. Not only were there no lion but the trees had various very bored looking vultures parking off in them.

Obviously, nothing was happening.

IMG_7371 IMG_7384 IMG_7427

In fact, the only excitement/entertainment were a pair of springbok that chased one another around briefly before resuming a heads down attention to their next grassy meal.

IMG_7403 IMG_7408

After hanging around for an hour so we gave up and headed back to camp. On arrival back at camp we were greeted by an extremely excitable Sharpie who insisted we all gather around him so that he could tell us a tale…

He had stayed behind that morning, preferring to reorganise the camp, wash dishes, re-position camp chairs and other extremely exciting (domestic) chores. While doing this he was startled to hear a lion roaring nearby. After a couple of roars he decided to climb into his vehicle and see if he could find the lion by driving down the westerly road towards the Mahurushele pan which was in the general direction of the roars.

Not finding anything, he doubled back to camp, disembarked his vehicle and, while walking around the camp, discovered lion spoor coming in from one side of the camp, skirting along the edge and disappearing down the easterly road leading to Mahurushele Pan. He immediately jumped back into his vehicle (not because he was scared, you understand…) and headed off following the spoor. As he came to the pan (which is only about 50m from the camp) he saw the lion ahead, zig zagging down the raod as it marked the bushes along the way.

Sharpie – more used to herding goats than lion – then proceeded to ‘herd’ the lion away from the camp with his vehicle, following it across the pan back down to the main road where the lion crossed and disappeared into the bush. Returning to camp, Sharpie had then ‘fenced’ off the lion spoor which he now proudly showed us.


Lion spoor skirting the camp

IMG_7430This was followed by much discussion on how fortunate he was, and we were, and how we should probably not venture too far from camp for our boskaks. The rest of the day (and that night) saw a far greater use of the camp long drop…

We then proceeded spend our time on admin – washing, repacking trailers, changing tyres, repacking ammo boxes of supplies (not ammo) and a little bit of general relaxation as the next day we would be breaking camp and heading out of the game reserve and towards the Kgalagadi.


Making sure we would not run out of “refreshments”


Lesson 429 – “Minimalist Camping”


Dietwin brushing up on his “Mammals of Southern Africa”


Another hard day at the office


Ammo boxes of supplies – numbering the ammo boxes works really well … if the numbers are all unique…


Yes, we can do washing with only 2 litres of water


Getting ready to change tyres


John “not” twisting the straps….


Just for Mark…

Facts for the day:

Distance 54.7 km
Min Alt 665.540 meters
Max Alt 1320.810 meters
Max Speed 201.3 km/hour
Avg Speed 4.6 km/hour







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