Outa Botswana into Sefrica…

Day 19

Mabuasehube Pan (KTP, Botswana) to Viljoenskroon (South Africa)

Distance : 764.4 km


Pre-dawn skyline with the moon and Venus in close proximity

Finally, almost three weeks after setting out from the Dolphin Coast, we are about to start the trip home.

The camp is packed up and the vehicles and trailers loaded. Despite a valiant effort from all over the past 48 hrs there is actually some alcohol that needs loading…


Getting ready to leave


The crew sporting their new slimline bodies after weeks of Banting diets

Once the camp site is spotless, we take one last picture of the Motley Crew 2015 before climbing into the vehicles and starting the drive back home. Where will spend the night is still undetermined at this point and will be decided based on how we progress during the day.

IMG_8661 IMG_8693 IMG_8695The rest of the day is basically one long trip with patches of civilisation coming and going as we pass through southern Botswana to the South African border and then head eastward towards KZN.

The border itself turns out to be very pleasant and not busy at all – in fact, we were the only vehicles there for most of the crossing. We are through the Botswana side quite quickly and are received by the SA border guards with open arms -its good to be home! The SA side is very clean and the toilets spotless – I can definitely recommend this as a crossing point into/out of Botswana.


Yes, it really does exist and I believe it is “as hot as hell” in the middle of summer!

IMG_8701 IMG_8708 Shortly after the border post we stop for lunch before starting the long trek across SA. Along the way we decide to spend the night at Nico’s brother/sister-in-law’s farm in Viljoenskroon. Its quite a haul and we will only arrive by mid evening but at least we will only have a 7 hour trip for the last day.


Only in Africa – signage for a weapons shop and a hospital all together. Should be known as “co-operative advertising”.


After a few stops along the way – to refuel and replenish our padkos and for some, to dodge a speeding fine – we finally get to Viljoenskroon late in the evening. We are met by the Whitfields bearing wonderful gifts – cold beers and hot supper! Both of which were only marginally more welcome than the hot showers.


By the time we got to Viljoenskroon we were getting double vision…

Needless to say, we all sleep extremely well that night!

Although I was kept awake by the sound of John M trying to shave his 2 week growth off as he was heading straight in to work the next morning. I think it took him at least 20 minutes of ‘scrape, scrape, rinse, scrape, scrape, rinse’…

Stats for the day:

Distance 764.4 km
Min Alt 954.170 meters
Max Alt 1464.130 meters
Max Speed 129.7 km/hour
Avg Speed 54.8 km/hour





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