2010 Camp Carlos

Some of the pictures from the trip.

Camp Carlos is in Mozambique, right at the tip of the point on Maputo Bay across from Maputo city. The camp is just around the point from the Hells Gate channel running between the mainland and Inhaca Island.



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Riding the Red Rotor…

Day 20

Viljoenskroon to Ballito (South Africa)

Distance : 606 km

Ok, its not a rotor, its a Gyrocopter. But it’s red. And its bloody awesome!

I want one for Christmas!!!

After waking up fairly early after a great nights sleep, we headed down to a fantastic breakfast laid on by Jacky and a special treat – flights with Ashley in his Gyro copter!

IMG_8761 IMG_8768 IMG_8786 IMG_8793 IMG_8800 IMG_8827What a great way to (almost) end a fantastic trip.

When it was my turn I tried to take pictures but was enjoying the flight too much to be overly concerned with getting things right. We saw a variety of game that is being farmed in the area plus we did a quick tour of the nearby river and neighbouring farms. Then, to end the trip, we did a lekker climb to about 1000ft which allows for a perfect view of the surrounding countryside.




Gemsbok – where have we seen those recently?


Black impala (amongst the normal ones)


Golden wildebeest (amongst the normal ones)




The Free State is not (completely) flat

Which was followed by a demonstration of a power(less) landing. Whooo hooo! Got my adrenaline kick for the next 3 months!

John M and Owen left early in order to get John home in time to go back to work – poor sad bugger while the rest of has were taken for flips in the Gyro. I reckon this is the way to go on our next trip – Ashley is going to be co-opted into joining us, Gyro and all.


Waiting for his master

After the trips and our brilliant breakfast we said a fond farewell to Ashley and Jacky and started the trip home. Which, fortunately, was relatively uneventful.

When we finally got to Durban – and had a reality check being back in traffic – there was a couple of short showers of rain to welcome us back. Alas, that’s about all we have been getting this rain season so far…


Welcome back to civilisation…


… getting worse and now its starting to drizzle …


… getting closer to home …


… at last !

Maybe we should have stayed in the Kalahari…

Stats for the day:

Distance 606.0 km
Min Alt 17.880 meters
Max Alt 1823.680 meters
Max Speed 127.0 km/hour
Avg Speed 51.1 km/hour

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