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The Road Less Travelled

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KVet reversing over the bridge...

KVet reversing over the bridge…

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Dodging potholes at 100km/hr

Dodging potholes at 100km/hr

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Riding the Red Rotor…

Day 20

Viljoenskroon to Ballito (South Africa)

Distance : 606 km

Ok, its not a rotor, its a Gyrocopter. But it’s red. And its bloody awesome!

I want one for Christmas!!!

After waking up fairly early after a great nights sleep, we headed down to a fantastic breakfast laid on by Jacky and a special treat – flights with Ashley in his Gyro copter!

IMG_8761 IMG_8768 IMG_8786 IMG_8793 IMG_8800 IMG_8827What a great way to (almost) end a fantastic trip.

When it was my turn I tried to take pictures but was enjoying the flight too much to be overly concerned with getting things right. We saw a variety of game that is being farmed in the area plus we did a quick tour of the nearby river and neighbouring farms. Then, to end the trip, we did a lekker climb to about 1000ft which allows for a perfect view of the surrounding countryside.




Gemsbok – where have we seen those recently?


Black impala (amongst the normal ones)


Golden wildebeest (amongst the normal ones)




The Free State is not (completely) flat

Which was followed by a demonstration of a power(less) landing. Whooo hooo! Got my adrenaline kick for the next 3 months!

John M and Owen left early in order to get John home in time to go back to work – poor sad bugger while the rest of has were taken for flips in the Gyro. I reckon this is the way to go on our next trip – Ashley is going to be co-opted into joining us, Gyro and all.


Waiting for his master

After the trips and our brilliant breakfast we said a fond farewell to Ashley and Jacky and started the trip home. Which, fortunately, was relatively uneventful.

When we finally got to Durban – and had a reality check being back in traffic – there was a couple of short showers of rain to welcome us back. Alas, that’s about all we have been getting this rain season so far…


Welcome back to civilisation…


… getting worse and now its starting to drizzle …


… getting closer to home …


… at last !

Maybe we should have stayed in the Kalahari…

Stats for the day:

Distance 606.0 km
Min Alt 17.880 meters
Max Alt 1823.680 meters
Max Speed 127.0 km/hour
Avg Speed 51.1 km/hour

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